"All guests can gather and find the warmth and richness of the Hakka spirit in its truest forms at Eastern Pearl"

- Charley Lee.

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Eastern Pearl presents a celebration of Hakka Chinese cuisine and the perfect destination where old and new, family and friends come together as Eastern Pearl prepares both a table and a feast around which all guests can gather and find the warmth and richness of the Hakka spirit in its truest forms. Chef-owner Charley Lee uses carefully selected fresh ingredients to create authentic, hand-crafted Hakka-style Chinese cuisine in an intimate Redmond Downtown location.

As a Hakka Taiwanese himself, Charley Lee has a long restaurant lineage across the globe, from food mecca Taiwan, Honolulu, Mukilteo to Puget Sound area. He has received enthusiastic accolades, including earning the title of KCTS9 Chef 2000 for his previously-owned Mukilteo restaurant Golden House, and has been featured in newspapers such as the Herald. He has since been consecutively nominated for KCTS9 Chef of Year from years 2004-2010, further showcasing his commitment to share the best of his talent and transport everyone to another level of epicurean experience.

Charley's traditional Hakka food techniques combined with his international culinary expertise and fresh ingredients generate a refreshing menu for Eastern Pearl from signature dishes such as Hakka Special Crispy Duck, Sizzling stuffed tofu with pork, Crispy braised pork knuckles, Seasoned salt-baked chicken to the favorite weekend Dim sum tapas such as Pan fried pork bun and Deep fried steamed bun.

Tel: (425) 882 2228

7844 Leary Way NE Redmond, WA 98052

Open 7 Days Sun-Thur:10:30am-9:30pm Fri-Sat:10:30am-10:30pm

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